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We invite you to look at our award-winning services and some diversions that you may find humorous or useful. Click an icon or link to go to the main page of a section. Enjoy yourself!

Looking for something good to read? Check out our latest Web site, Amarillo Bay. West Texas A&M Professor Jerry Craven and West Coast writer Bob Whitsitt provide a showcase for works not found in traditional magazines and a home for writers to explore new forms. You'll find stories that keep you reading and leave you thinking, creative nonfiction with an edge, and poetry that touches, moves, and refreshes.

On Saturday, 2002 August 4, Bob and a friend spent a day working as Production Assistants (gophers) on the shoot of a feature-length movie, Skin Deep. It was so much fun that Bob wrote up an article about it, including pictures. You can see the article at A Day at the Movies - A Visit to the Set of the Movie Skin Deep.
For information about the movie Bob was working on, see Skin Deep.

Bob is currently working with friends on a short film. Objet d'Art explores the intense effect of beauty not only on the beholders but on those who possess it, as shown by one night in a bar with two young women, three Italian waiters, and a red Jaguar XKE. You can learn about the progress of the film and see the cast at
You can learn about all of Bob's moviemaking at the Firepath Digital Web site.

Are you Traveling? We prepared a Travel Checklist for our own use. Maybe it will also help you get organized. Check it out!

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Stories, anecdotes, dumb stuff, and some jewels gathered from all over. People send them to us. They must think that's the kind of guys we are. Check back to see the latest we've added.
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Some are useful, some are wild, some are our personal interests. Pick the ones you like.
Christmas Stories! Short Stories
We write these each Christmas season. If you want to feel all warm and fuzzy, settle back and read.

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